Aims and Mission

Aims and Aspirations

  • Pupils are enthusiastic and motivated in all they do
  • Pupils achieve the very best of which they are capable
  • Pupils develop the key skills to continue learning for life
  • Pupils have the confidence and self esteem to tackle new challenges
  • Pupils understand and have respect for themselves and others
  • Pupils are positive members of society and the world around them

Aims and Values

Our children will:

  • Be happy and secure
  • Be high achieving learners – making excellent progress in relation to prior attainment
  • Be enthusiastic and highly motivated to learn
  • Demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviours characterised by high self esteem, independence and responsibility
  • Develop key skills
  • Become well-rounded citizens of the 21st Century

Our staff will:

  • Create a vibrant environment
  • Have secure subject knowledge
  • Employ effective teaching strategies and ensure learning is relevant, creative, challenging, participative, and enjoyable
  • Plan and assess effectively
  • Set high expectations and pace lessons appropriately
  • Provide a rich, stimulating and balanced curriculum
  • Encourage children to solve problems, take risks and be creative
  • Employ positive reinforcement and celebrate achievement
  • Work in partnership with parents
  • Contribute, take responsibility and develop initiatives
  • Consistently hold high professional expectations of themselves and one another

 It is a school where:

  • There is a positive ethos, confidence and optimism
  • There is a culture of inclusion, enabling the participation and involvement of all
  • There are caring relationships where children and adults are valued as individuals
  • Diversity is celebrated and respected, and we challenge stereotypes
  • We value fairness, honesty and integrity
  • We believe practice can always be improved, and maintain an open dialogue about how children learn best
  • We value the learning and development of pupils, staff and volunteers
  • We learn from each other, making every effort to disseminate goods ideas and best practice
  • We continually reflect, evaluate and challenge our existing beliefs