Vision and Aims

‘Learning and Achieving Together’


An inclusive, happy, safe school that prioritises good mental health and fun for all.


To have an active, supportive and leading role as a community, with school as the link between schools, families, children and those in the wider area.

Teaching and Learning

Nurturing interest and building good character through a creative and inspiring curriculum, real world experiences and life skills, underpinned by outstanding practice.  Supporting progress through strong leadership and a desire to improve.


Children feel loved, provided for, considered and free, in a safe environment protected with calculated risk in controlled exercises.

Staff are trained, resourced and aware of their duties.  They are held accountable, ensuring children can attain full potential academically and socially.

Every Child Is Important

Every child’s views, beliefs and faiths are valued and celebrated. Understanding a variety of cultures that enable children to live healthy and happy lives.  Respect for difference is throughout everything we do.


Children should feel encouraged by all adults to share, contribute and make mistakes; adults within the school should model this. Communication should be honest, professional, sincere, open and inviting between all levels of the school’s professional hierarchy. A supportive network, interlinked by trust and sharing as similar vision, should underpin the environment’s framework.


Varied, stimulating, engaging environments meeting the full range of individual and group needs.