Welcome to Year 2

Year 2 are taught by Miss Corcoran, Miss Nash and Mr Wills. They are supported by Mrs Evans, Miss McNama, Mrs Morse, Mrs Nutland, Miss Shields and Miss Robbins. Should you have any questions for the year 2 team please email school@beaconrise.org.uk

Days to Remember

Monday – ReadiWriter certificates handed out

Wednesday – PE kit can be worn to school

Thursday – Homework due to be complete via Google Classroom

Friday – New weekly spellings set on Readiwriter, Homework set on Google Classroom, Spelling test in school, Reading books changed or new reading text given, Weekly reading counting – reading records should be brought to school


Autumn Learning: Term 1 Awesome Autumn

Autumn Learning: Term 2 Maypole to North Pole

Spring Learning: Term 4 Terrific Toys

Summer Learning: Term 5 Great Fire of London

Take a look at some of the things we have done.

Year 2 visit Hanham Mount

We already planned the route so we knew the way and how many roads to cross. We had to keep our eyes peeled for information and clues about the Mount!

We discovered that the Beacon isn’t on the Mount but through a secret path of trees. We also learned that the original Beacon was replaced in 2008.

We used our observational skills to answer some challenges about the area and it’s history.

We had our morning snack here. Never thought hand gel would be an essential item on a trip list!

Who’d have thought we could get so much learning and fun from a 4 minute walk down the road? Our teachers, that’s who!

Year 2 have had fun building a Bug Hotel!

Year 2 were lucky to see Jan and Monica who brought Fizz and Murray to see us!