Parents and carers can register and apply on-line for a school place from the September prior to when the child is due to start school.  Information is now available along with the new electronic Admission to Primary School Booklet and can be found on the South Gloucestershire Council website.

Paper copies of the application form can also be downloaded.

Admission Arrangements
Parents wishing to visit the school prior to their child’s admission are welcome to do so. They should ring the school office to make an appointment.  Parents can obtain an application form from the school office during the Autumn Term prior to the start of the academic year for their 4-year-old child.  South Gloucestershire Education Service handles all applications as per their admissions policy. Visit South Gloucestershire School Admissions.

How we introduce children into the school
Coming to school is a significant event for all the family. We want to ensure that everyone looks forward to starting school. Please ask if you have any concerns. We try to give answers to general queries at our Summer Term meetings; even so there are things which you may feel need further explanation or which haven’t been covered. If this is the case, please ask.

Summer Meetings
All parents are warmly invited to a meeting at school in the Summer Term prior to their child starting school. This will be an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher, the Headteacher and be able to look into the reception classrooms. An opportunity will be arranged for your child to meet their class teacher and see their classroom before starting school.

Staggered Entry
We have organised a staggered entry based on chronological age, so that children can establish good relationships with their teacher. The children will attend school for several weeks of mornings or afternoons before they are admitted full time.  Parents will be notified when it is appropriate for their child to stay to lunch.  This allows for the class to grow to its full size in stages and gives greater opportunity for the establishment of that all important individual teacher / pupil relationship. During this time some Baseline Entry Assessment takes place. If you feel your child is not ready for full time attendance in the term, please let us know and part time attendance can be continued.