Governing Body of Beacon Rise Primary School 

FGB – Full Governing Body

LDR – Leadership Committee

LRN – Learning Committee

PP – People and Premises Committee

Name Post Appointed Expiry Pecuniary Interest Declaration
Mr Tim Leaman Clerk 03/11/2017 02/11/2027 Related directly to 1 child; staff pay interest
Mrs Rachel Leonard Co-opted Governor 23/01/2018 22/01/2022 Staff pay interest
Miss Kirsty Chambers Co-opted Governor 27/02/2017 26/02/2021 Staff pay interest
Mrs Annette Box Co-opted Governor 03/09/2018 02/09/2022 Employed as freelance trainer by integra
Mr Keith Duller Co-opted Governor 14/06/2018 13/06/2022 Staff pay interest
Mr Guy Harper Co-opted Governor 14/06/2018 13/06/2022 Related directly to 2 children
Mrs Louise Lim Co-opted Governor 08/10/2019 07/10/2023 Related directly 2 children – partner works for education book retailer
Mrs Gillian Linton Co-opted Governor 08/10/2019 07/10/2023 Related to 1 child
Dr Sabrina Fudge Co-opted Governor 18/09/2017 17/09/2021 Related directly to 3 children
Mrs Emma Ball Co-opted Governor 03/09/2018 02/09/2022 Works for local MAT; Governor at a Secondary School
Leanne Newman Co-opted Governor 03/09/2018 02/09/2022 Works at Little Oaks Nursery
Mr Christopher Thomas Head Teacher 01/04/2007 31/03/2106 Staff pay interest
Mr Darren Hicks Staff 14/06/2018 13/06/2022 Staff pay interest
Claire Matson Co-opted Governor 08/10/2019 07/10/2023 Directly related to 2 children
Emily Bostridge Co-opted Governor 08/10/2019 07/10/2023 Staff pay interest
Alex Morse Co-opted Governor 08/10/2019 07/10/2023 Staff pay interest
Alison Parr Parent Governor 20/03/2020 19/03/2024 Directly related to 2 children
Elaine Williams Associate Governor 13/10/2020 12/10/2024 Parent of 1 child

All communications should be addressed to the Clerk to the Governors, Tim Leaman, contact email

Governor attendance at meetings:

Please note: Not all Governors are required at all meetings.  Some Governors joined during an academic year, therefore the maximum number of meetings will be reduced

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Who we are

Mrs Rachel Leonard
Mrs Rachel LeonardCo-opted Governor

Rachel Leonard was co-opted onto Governors in 2014. Rachel joined Beacon Rise in 2009 as a year 6 teacher and is extremely proud to be part of the teaching team when the school was awarded its Outstanding status in 2012. Since then she has enjoyed working with its fantastic community to ensure the school keeps looking forward and improving. 

Rachel took on additional leadership responsibilities in September 2012 – the Key Stage 2 Leader – and in 2013 as an Assistant Headteacher. Part of her responsibilities include maths leadership, general curriculum provision, lunchtimes, and NQT and trainee teacher provision.

Prior to teaching, Rachel was involved in project management for a Local Authority. 

Miss Kirsty Chambers
Miss Kirsty ChambersCo-opted Governor

Kirsty Chambers has worked at Beacon Rise for 20 years starting out as an NQT and now as Deputy Headteacher.

Prior to working in school, she worked with children with special educational needs across a range of settings.  This led to becoming SEN Leader, ensuring all pupils have a positive and inclusive start to their school life.

In Kirsty’s own words “Beacon Rise is a great place to be and I feel lucky to be part of it”.

Mr Keith Duller
Mr Keith DullerCo-opted Governor

Keith Duller was co-opted to the governing body in 2018. Keith has been the site manager for the school since 2013 and was nominated for National Site Manager of the year in 2018.

He Brings a wealth of experience in a number of construction disciplines, having spent a number of years self-employed.
Keith was involved in all the site meetings for the construction of the Fernhill Block, bringing knowledge from the schools operational perspective to the design team.

In Keith’s Own Words. “I enjoy my job immensely with no two days alike, nice days outside in the sunshine whilst wet days in the workshop constructing things for use around the school. I am privileged to working alongside a dedicated and talented team bringing smiles to the children’s faces daily. What more can one ask of a job!”

Annette Box
Annette BoxCo-opted Governor

Annette Box is the SEND Governor and was co-opted to the school’s Governing Board in September 2018. Throughout her career it has been my pleasure to work with children and young people with additional needs in a wide range of different provisions. Annette is the daughter of one of the oldest former pupils of Beacon Rise, Mr Robert (Bob) Barrett, who had the honour of opening Fern Hill when it was newly built.

In Annette’s own words “I am very proud to be part of such a happy, vibrant and dedicated school community who put children’s’ achievements at the very heart of all they do. I consider it a privilege to champion and contribute to the outstanding education the children of Beacon Rise receive”.

Mr Guy Harper
Mr Guy HarperCo-opted Governor

Guy Harper: is the Vice Chair of Governors and has been part of the governing body for 4 years, since his twin boys, started at the school in 2015. 

Guy works in finance as a Chartered Financial Planner for an IFA in Bath. We are pleased that we have the opportunity to use his experience to support the school and its pupils.

In Guy’s own words “It is a privilege to already have children at Beacon Rise and am proud that my daughter will begin there in September. I look forward to continuing to work with the governing body, who are committed to improving standards and outcomes for all children”.

Dr Sabrina Fudge
Dr Sabrina FudgeCo-opted Governor

Sabrina Fudge was co-opted to the governing board in 2018 in the summer of 2019 appointed as Chair of Governors as well as link governor for wellbeing.

Sabrina is a doctor for over 10 years in the NHS and has a particular interest in education, due to her involvement in medical student and junior doctor teaching.

In Sabrina’s words “I am a former pupil of the school and now have the privilege of my own two children also attending Beacon Rise. This is an amazing school with hugely talented and dedicated staff, who are open and supportive. It is a pleasure to be part of this team”.

Leanne Newman
Leanne NewmanCo-opted Governor

Leanne Newman was co-opted to the Governing Board in September 2018. Leanne is chair for the Learning Committee, as well as link governor for Vulnerable Pupils.

Leanne has worked in Early Years Education for 20 years, starting as a Nursery Practitioner and now manages a local nursery setting. Recently completing her degree in Early Years Education helps provide quality education and care to children, before they move on to schools such as Beacon Rise.

In Leanne’s own words “I attended Beacon Rise as a child and my daughter is currently at the school. I already know that some of her fondest childhood memories will be from her time at Beacon Rise, as are mine. I feel honoured to be on the governing board, observing and celebrating how the teaching staff champion the voice, abilities and potential of all children. With a staff who are so dedicated to success and fun, there are no limits to what the children can achieve”.

Mr Christopher Thomas
Mr Christopher ThomasHead Teacher

Chris Thomas: has been Headteacher at Beacon Rise since 2007, supporting the school from Requires Improvement to Outstanding in three years.

In Chris’ own words “I am proud of all that Beacon Rise has achieved and am excited for what we will achieve in the future. I also lead the South Gloucestershire Learning Alliance of 70+ schools and am honoured to have been nominated for TES Headteacher of the Year in 2016”. 

Mr Darren Hicks
Mr Darren HicksStaff

Darren Hicks first became a staff governor in the 2018/2019 academic year; Darren has spent most of his life working with children to support them through the early years of their lives. His primary school was in Kingswood

In Darren’s own words “I see this as a great opportunity to understand the school from an entirely different perspective, beyond the classroom. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities and support that were given to me; I feel passionately about ensuring that the children at Beacon Rise are given the same. Working with the team at Beacon Rise, in my capacity as Upper Key Stage Two Leader, has once again shown me just how incredible and hard-working the staff are. To work closely as a governor is a great way to promote the ethos and values of the staff and school.”

Mrs Claire Matson
Mrs Claire MatsonParent Governor

Claire Matson has been a parent Governor since 2018.

Claire is a Paediatric nurse, specialising in palliative care and children with complex disabilities. She has 3 daughters, 2 of which attend Beacon Rise.

In Claire’s own words “I have watched my children have some of the most memorable experiences at school and benefit from the care and dedication from all of the teachers and staff. I volunteered to become a governor as I was interested to see what made such an outstanding school tick, and it is nice to be able to give something back in return. 

Mr Tim Leaman
Mr Tim LeamanClerk

Tim Leaman: was previously a Beacon Rise Governor between 2012 – 2013 and now serves as School Business Leader and Clerk to the governing board. His working history includes nearly 20 years in the education sector, specialising in accreditation and qualifications development through youth work, especially with cross-cultural and marginalised learners.

In Tim’s own words “Beacon Rise is an incredible school pushing the boundaries of excellence and what it means to be Ofsted Outstanding. Supporting the work of Governors as clerk and working in the school is fantastic way to see every child have the very best possible start in life”.

Mrs Emma Ball
Mrs Emma BallCo-opted Governor

Emma Ball is the local authority governor for Beacon Rise, having joined the governing board in September 2018 and is the data link for the school.

She has a leadership role in a Bristol secondary school and has worked passionately in education for 9 years now.

In her own words, “I grew up in Hanham and live in Kingswood now, so am pleased to be able to give something back to the local area. I love working with a team of staff who are so amazingly committed to local children and their families”.

Mrs Gill Linton
Mrs Gill LintonCo-opted Governor

Gill Linton: was co-opted on the Governing board in October 2019.

Gillian has worked in finance & leadership roles for 20 years. Her son attends Beacon Rise.

In Gill’s own words ‘I am delighted to have joined the school governing board and work alongside a thriving school community where standards are high and children excel both academically and socially.’

Mrs Alex Morse
Mrs Alex MorseCo-opted Governor

Alex Morse: has worked at Beacon Rise for 8 years in a number of different roles within the school.

Both of her children attended Beacon Rise and she joined the staff while they were both still in attendance. In Alex’s own words “They had the very best ntroduction to education as Beacon Rise. The school is such an amazingly fun and great place for all to learn. I love coming to school each day and seeing the children grow and flourish.

Mrs Louise Lim
Mrs Louise LimCo-opted Governor

Louise Lim became a Governor in October 2019 as with 2 children at Beacon Rise she wanted to support the school. Louise originally worked as an accountant in Financial Services and now works as a Project Manager delivering Finance and Big Data systems. In Louise’s own words, “I feel really fortunate to have been accepted onto the board of governors at Beacon Rise and am humbled by the excellence and dedication of the staff.  My 2 children have only been pupils for a short time but are already flourishing”.

Miss Emily Bostridge
Miss Emily BostridgeCo-opted Governor

Emily Bostridge was co-opted onto Governors in 2019. Emily joined Beacon Rise in 2017 initially teaching Year 2, followed by Year 4 and then Year 6, giving her an insight throughout each Key Stage. Prior to teaching Emily worked in a range of settings to support young people, often those with additional needs using drama to engage them with their education.

In her own words “I believe Beacon Rise is an inspirational school supporting children to become well rounded young people through academic success, sports and creativity. I can see that as a school we are constantly looking to improve and I’m grateful for the opportunity to understand and support from a different perspective. We all want to give our children the best possible start in life.”

Alison Parr
Alison ParrCo-opted Governor

Alison Parr After 10 years working in a laboratory, Alison retrained as a Chemistry teacher.  She is now a Chemistry and Learning Support Teacher at a Senior School in Bath.  Her two sons attend Beacon Rise.

In Alison’s own words “I went to Beacon Rise myself many years ago.  Since I have had my own children I have been determined that they should also attend Beacon Rise as it has the best provision of education and extra curricular activities in the area. I have been really impressed with the excellent and supportive teachers my son has had and  I have joined the governors to help maintain this high standard for my own boys, other children at the school and those who will attend in the future.” 

Elaine Williams
Elaine WilliamsAssociate Member

Elaine Williams currently works as a matron for the NHS and a large part of her role involves being familiar with procedures and guidelines, having a knowledge and understanding of the health trust’s vision and preparing or reading reports for meetings. These qualities along with her ability to work in a team, easy going personality, reliability and dedication makes her an excellent addition to the team.

In Elaine’s own words “As a parent I try to encourage my son in everything he does. I believe every child should be supported to reach their full potential. As a parent governor my aspiration is to be the voice of the children and ensure this can be achieved through the excellent education and support Beacon Rise offers.”