Foundation Subjects

Sport and Physical Education (P.E.)

All pupils take part in P.E. throughout the school and our centrally funded Head of Sport is responsible for highly-quality lessons and the organisation of the subject. Activities include swimming, gymnastics, dance/movement, athletics, games, and orienteering in older year groups.  At Beacon Rise, we have a minimum of two PE lessons a week. All pupils have access to three halls, indoor gym apparatus, and large outdoor areas including a playing field at the rear of the school.  Year 3 pupils also have swimming lessons at a local swimming pool; it is hoped that all pupils increase their water confidence and are able to swim 25m by the time they leave us.

Children also have the opportunity to participate in afterschool sporting events either run by teaching staff or external specialist coaches. We cater for a wide range of sporting interests including football, netball, rugby, athletics, golf, cross country and hockey.

Historically our sports teams (TeamBR) have been very successful and our achievements have included coming second in the South-West netball finals and first in The Grange run Athletics competition. We have also had successes with our swimming team at the swimming competitions held annually at Kingswood Leisure Centre. Our children are given every opportunity to represent their school which highlights our desire to show Beacon Rise as a place where enthusiasm and skill are equally rewarded.

The school uses part of its sports grant funding to create links with The Grange Partnership under the South Gloucestershire School Sport Co-ordinator Programme and their newly acquired Sports College status. As part of this partnership we are invited to participate in a wide range of competitive and non-competitive events which enable children of all abilities to experience sport.


At Beacon Rise we want our pupils to be digitally literate and participate responsibly in a digital world; both now and in the future. Our computing curriculum therefore teaches the principles of programming, computation and digital systems. We regularly use information technology in other areas of the curriculum so that pupils can be active participants in their own learning. All pupils have access to a suite with desktop computers, as well as classroom netbooks and iPads. All pupils are taught how to use technologies, both in school and at home, safely, respectfully and effectively.

Historical Understanding

At Beacon Rise, we help pupils gain a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. In line with the National Curriculum, we equip pupils to ask questions about the past, critically evaluate evidence, and develop their own opinions.

At Year 1, we teach children about changes within living memory, and in Year 2 we look at significant historical events and individuals such Artic Explorers.

In Key Stage 2 topics include significant historical events in Britain, including the Stone and Iron Age, and the impact of the Viking, Roman and Anglo-Saxon invasions. In addition we study the history of the wider world including the Mayans, Ancient Greeks and Egyptians.

Geographical Understanding

Geography teaching at Beacon Rise equips pupils with knowledge and understanding of our world – the places, people, cultures, environments, resources, and natural processes. In Key Stage 1, pupils study the local area, starting with our school and its surrounding community. As pupils progress into Key Stage 2, their studies widen to include different parts of the UK, Europe and the Americas. Pupils of all ages are encouraged to develop their investigation ideas and interpret a range of geographical sources. Pupils also learn to interpret globes and maps, draw maps and use symbols, as well as undertake fieldwork.

Art and Design

Art and design is taught in an inspiring, practical and cross-curricular way at Beacon Rise. Pupils research, invent, experiment and create works of art, craft and design. We also teach our pupils how to evaluate and analyse works of great designers and artists, as well as their own creations. You can see some fantastic examples of our art and design work on display around the school.


Across the school we teach French through a fun, multi-sensory approach. In Key Stage 1, French is mainly taught through songs and games. Whereas in Key Stage 2, pupils are encouraged to explore the language in more details and develop their French speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.


At Beacon Rise, we encourage and inspire pupils to develop a love and appreciation of music. We strongly believe that music increases self-confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement. Our music curriculum ensures that pupils:

  • perform, listen to and evaluate music across a range of genres and styles
  • learn to sing and use their voices
  • create and compose their own music
  • have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument
  • understand how music is created and performed

Throughout the year, we participate in a range of musical events including:

  • Christmas celebrations at the school and our local church
  • Musical extravaganzas at the Colston Hall
  • Year 6 leavers’ production

Singing takes place daily as part of collective worship. In addition, we have a school choir which often performs for the whole school, parents, the local community and at FBR events.

Religious Education

Religious Education (R.E.) at Beacon Rise focuses on spiritual, moral and social development, as well as citizenship. It is taught in two key ways: knowledge, respect and understanding of different faiths (learning about them); and reflection and response (learning from them). As well as Christianity, children learn about Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. R.E. teaches an empathetic appreciation of how practicing members of religions live out their faith in everyday life. It is a celebration of the richness of life in the United Kingdom.