The Beacon Rise choir connects children together through creativity, empathy and self-belief whilst providing a feel-good positive atmosphere as a collective. We value the importance of working together and always aim to achieve something spectacular. We actively support community events that enable children to showcase their abilities, as well as participate in national and regional events.

Working alongside UWE’s Music Programme Leader, children who attend choir were offered further music enrichment activities through UWE’s Centre of Music.  The children were inspired by professional musicians, who lead the workshops, and the choir were invited to perform alongside them at the Bristol Beacon (formally called the Colston Hall). This enrichment project included musical performance, composition and song writing.

Each year the Beacon Rise choir have the incredible opportunity to attend a once in a life time experience, Young Voices. This event is a life changing music education programme that enables children to work alongside a world class conductor, musical and creative directors, and a professional live band in order to perform in the largest children’s choir concerts in the world.  The performance is a special moment for each individual as they are made to feel like young stars. Their voices are joined with 5,000 – 8,000 other children to sing as a single choir. It produces an electric buzz and energy that fills world’s greatest arenas full of family and friends. We truly believe after attending such an esteemed event, this fulfilling experience will remain with them, for hopefully, the rest of their lives.

Friends of Kingswood Park – Choir Performance 2019

Avon Valley Railway Choir Performance 2019