Year 3 and 4 Disco

It’s all kicking off at the Year 3 and 4 disco!

New Scientist Live Show

Mr Rhodes won some tickets for the New Scientist Live show in London. After a very early start, these lucky pupils did lots of fantastic things like ….

KS1 Hitting and Striking Event

Our KS1 pupils loved the hitting and striking event. They got to try new games and improve their skills.

A day in school


New Eco Garden Bench

Huge thank-you again to and for helping pay for our new eco-garden bench. Chainsaw artist Andyoneill_woodcarver (find him on Insta) did an amazing job! Photographs by


New Climbing Playground

We are very excited with our new traverse wall in Climbing World playground.


1 Gold and 2 Bronze

Mr Rhodes shared his 2 bronze and 1 gold medal he won at the British Transplant Games. He competed in the World Transplant Games and told them about BR fundraising to support the Games. A gold medal has been given to BR. Thank you everyone.