Here at Beacon Rise Primary School, we believe that every child should have access to creative cultural experiences. We understand that the arts subjects are powerful and unique forms of communication that can change the way children feel, think and act.  The arts subjects encourages active involvement and helps children to acquire a sense of group identity and togetherness. By promoting creativity, we are reinforcing our commitment to increasing every child’s self-discipline, imagination, aesthetic sensitivity and fulfilment.   

Beacon Rise values the importance of authentic and important art and cultural experiences. As a school, we are dedicated to enabling this and want our children to have a range of cultural experiences over the course of their school journey through our Cultural Passport initiative. This is based on the Arts Council Cultural Education Challenge and has been adapted for the children of Beacon Rise. Each year the children will take part in a different creative experience from painting a self-portrait, choreographing a dance, to seeing a live band performance. Each time the children get a new experience they can stamp their very own Cultural Passport which is theirs to keep when they leave in year 6 – a memento of their cultural journey.

To help cement the understanding that creative practices can be a future career, we offer the Arts Award scheme and have currently 40 pupils who have achieved Discover and Explore awards with us. We are eager to hear the pupils’ views on art and creative subjects and through our school ‘Create Council’ they are able to feedback about what they would like to do, help with future planning for creative events and attend creative enrichment days. 

Art Trip to the Guild Hall London 2020

Brain Art Competion with Bristol University Entries 2020

Mural Project with Kingswood Hub 2020

Twitter Challenge – Pumpkin Prize winners 2020

Create Council Meeting to Celebrate ArtsMark day 2020

EYFS Armistace Day – Field of Poppies 2020

Ignite Hearts- Ignite Hub Schools Art Collabortaion 2019

Avon Valley Railway Christmas Competition 2019

Avon Valley Railway Christmas Art Competition 2018

Santa’s in the Park 2018

Saatchi International Schools Prize

Santa’s in Kingswood Park 2017

Avon Valley Railway Christmas Competition