Meeting Parents

As a school we believe that children have a much greater chance of realising their potential when parents are fully aware of, and involved in their child’s education. One way to bring about this involvement is to create a framework whereby, parents are regularly invited to come to school in order to discuss their child’s progress with their class teacher, and Headteacher if appropriate.

The pattern of meetings is as follows:

October: Individual appointments for all parents to discuss how their child is settling down with their new teacher and class.

March: Individual appointments for all parents following an open day when parents can see their children’s work and discuss it with them.

July: Annual written reports are sent to parents and they are invited to discuss these with individual class teachers.

Finally we have an ‘open-door’ policy should concerns emerge. In effect this means parents are welcome to contact the Headteacher and their child’s class teacher at any time but preferably after school.  Similarly we will contact parents should the school have a concern.  Parents who have a complaint should contact the Headteacher in the first instance.