SEN and Inclusion

At Beacon Rise School we recognise that some children may require extra help for some of the curriculum while in school. This could be for academic, social or behavioural reasons.  There are ongoing identification procedures for SEN as part of our continuous assessment.  The Code of Practice for Special Education Needs provides a structure to support pupils in their learning. The process is detailed below. It is recognised that at any one time up to 20% of pupils may have a special educational need during their time in school. For many children this will only be for a short time, for others it may be for all of their school life.

If our experience and expertise shows that a child may have special educational needs, we will discuss this with parents/carers.

We have a good track record with supporting pupils with special educational needs.  If you would like to speak to Miss Chambers, Mrs King or Miss Bostridge about your child, please can you make an appointment via the school office.  We are happy to meet you. Should this prove insufficient please see our Complaints Policy.

Please read the ‘Beacon Rise’ Leaflet – SEND Information Report – September 2021

Please read Our Graduated Response – Our Graduated Response

Please read the SEND Report to Governors Jan 2021

COVID19 and Children with SEND

If you have queries regarding your child’s EHCP or are struggling to meet your child’s needs while they are at home,  you can contact Miss Chambers or Mrs King or Miss Bostridge via email ( or ring the school office (014548672332), we will ring you back as soon as we can.

If you wish to speak to a member of the 0-25 team, please email or phone 01454 866123. The helpline is manned Monday to Friday from 9 until 1 by Integra’s Inclusion and Behaviour Support teams who will be on hand to offer advice and guidance to parents and carers of pupils with an EHCP and to access information from other services if this is required in order to respond.

SEND Information and Newsletters to Support during the Corona Virus Lockdown

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Useful Websites and Information for Parents from South Glos SEND Support Teams
South Glos Parents and Carers Resources for Home Learning

Useful links to home learning resources and information for children with additional needs

Home Learning for Children with SEND

Home learning links and ideas for children with additional needs

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The importance of talking to your child about corona virus

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How to talk to your child about corona virus

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Social story about the pandemic

Art Resources

Stuck for something to do? Try something arty

Cosmic Yoga

Mindfulness exercises to use with children. We use this in school so children are used to it!

Meditation for Children

More mindfulness activities

Action for Children / Parenting Coaches

Parent Talk offers free, down-to-earth advice for parents of children aged 0-19 in the UK.