Beacon Rise Primary School was last visited by HM Inspectors in March 2012. As well as lessons and parts of lessons being observed, the pupils were observed during assembly, registration, break and lunchtimes. Samples of their work were also inspected.

Read the full report – Beacon Rise Ofsted Report 2012


“This is an outstanding school. The headteacher’s inspirational leadership has fostered a drive for excellence shared by all members of the school community. This has produced wide-ranging improvements since the last inspection and led to outstanding achievement by all groups of pupils.”

“The oldest pupils’ high levels of attainment in English and Mathematics are the result of the consistency of progress by pupils over time from the moment they start school. Progress is never less than good in any year group and it is particularly rapid in the Early Years Foundation Stage and in Years 5 and 6.”

“Progress in lessons by different groups of pupils is slightly variable, especially in Key Stage 1, where more-able pupils are occasionally not moved on to more challenging work as soon as they are ready.”

“The impact of the high quality teaching is seen in pupils’ outstanding achievement across much of the curriculum and their excellent spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Inspection evidence confirms the views of parents and carers who returned questionnaires. All think that teaching is at least good and are impressed by the way that teaching helps pupils develop the key skills in communication, reading, writing and mathematics. Teachers use the whole curriculum very effectively to improve these skills. They encourage older pupils to constantly think about how to improve their work but younger pupils have too few opportunities to do this.”

“Pupils’ excellent behaviour helps lessons have a calm but busy working atmosphere. Pupils say they feel very safe in school, which reflects parents’ and carers’ views. Pupils also say bullying of any form is non-existent, and rare incidents of inappropriate behaviour are dealt with quickly.”

“Leadership and management are outstanding at all levels. Management of performance is given high priority by senior leaders. They ensure that teaching is continually improving by carrying out rigorous checking of both teaching and pupils’ progress.”